The new autumn season will shine with a grand opening of the Autumn Season on 24 September at the Sigulda Castle Quarter and the Kingdom of Golden Autumn Sigulda is all set to welcome canopies of flamboyant leaves, golden valleys, and endless horizons of vibrant colours.

On 24 September, everyone is warmly welcomed to the traditional Autumn Kingdom Festival, where young and old alike can enjoy a full day of activities. Throughout the day, the Sigulda Castle Quarter will host various activities and workshops, along with a design, crafts, and home producers’ fair market. Participants of “Rudens Street Food” will take care of the delicious festive atmosphere, and Ivo Fomins and the band “Pērkons” are going to rock the stage in the night concert.

From 11.00, the Sigulda Castle Quarter welcomes families with children and everyone interested to a variety of events and activities to celebrate the opening of the Golden Autumn season. During the Golden Autumn Kingdom Festival, an art, design, and crafts fair featuring more than 40 artisans will be organised as well. In addition, you will have the opportunity to buy goodies produced and created by Latvian farmers and harvested from our nature.

As usual, one of the most popular picks of the festival again this year will be the “Rudens Street Food” corner, where you can buy your favourite tasty dishes from both local and visiting chefs at democratic prices.

From 19.00, the musician Ivo Fomins and his band, and the legendary band “Pērkons” will delight visitors at the autumn sunset. Tickets for both concerts are EUR 10, with a “Siguldietis” ID card – 20% discount, and for local Sigulda region families with 3+ children – 40% discount.