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Healthy natures walk - 15km route for scenery lovers!

A walk in the fresh air is especially what we need right now, and especially in winter the landscape acquires a special glow and allows you to see the details that are usually hidden in the autumn by the leaves mon the trees.

For centuries, Sigulda's hiking trails have attracted travelers to enjoy the unique cultural environment and great views that open across the Gauja ancient valley.




Before going on the winter walk, visit the Sigulda County Tourism Information Centre, in which the consultants will provide you with useful information about other nature routes and sightseeing objects in Sigulda region as well.

We recommend you to go on one of the most popular routes, especially in the wintertime!

At the pit-stops of the route, you will be able to enjoy picturesque views, recognize your favorite photo-taking places, as well as look at your favorite winter sports facilities.


The route is about 15 km long.


The start and endpoint of the circular route - Sigulda Station square.


This particular route or part of it can be combined with other sights in Sigulda.



Festivity Square 

Festivity Square is the place of Sigulda celebrations, where the most amazing and elaborate city events take place.

The famous viewpoint, created on the outskirts of the Festivity Square or "the edge of the world", as the locals have named it, offers a breathtaking view of the ancient Gauja valley and the Krimulda manor on the right bank of the river.

It is also a great place to take photos- near Latvia's most beloved city's Sigulda iconic logo "S!" symbol.

On the left side of the Festivity Square is the internationally certified downhill ski center - Sigulda City Ski Track.


Cable Car over Gauja River


The promenade of the Festivity Square leads further to the Sigulda Cable Car.

This unique vehicle connects both banks of the Gauja River with a height of  42 meters.

It should be noted that the breathtaking view can be enjoyed throughout the, more than a kilometer long, trip.

If you have already had a chance to take a ride with the cable car and want to go further on foot - go down the stairs to the bridge over Gauja River, which is currently decorated with many bulbs of light.

Krimulda Serpentine Road

In the direction of Krimulda Manor, up the slope, leads the oldest of the two unique serpentine roads in Sigulda.

The Krimulda Serpentine Road was first paved in 1862 in preparation for the visit of Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

The serpentine allows you to feel the atmosphere of history on the way from the ancient valley of Gauja to Krimulda Castle Mound.

Krimulda Manor

Continuing the route up the hill, it is possible to reach Krimulda Manor, where a unique manor complex with a manager's house has been preserved together with  

barn, Swiss house with expressive and unique wood carvings and more. 

The manor has a refreshing peace, an aura of antiquity and a spirit of adventure.

Devils Cave

Continue along the historic Manor House's "Mednieku namiņš" (Hunters House) to the Devils Cave's direction.

Near the Mednieku namiņš there is a picnic place with a well-maintained fireplace.

The Devil's Rock outcrop is 250 meters long and about 15 meters high.
It began to form about 10,000 years ago in the Devonian era, but to some extent, it is still continuing to form.

In the rock, eight meters above the level of Gauja is located the Devil Cave, which is best seen from the opposite bank of the river.
It also began to form more than 10 thousand years ago as a result of the lateral erosion of the river and the now-extinct underground spring.

The intensive formation of the cave ended five thousand years ago when the Gauja was already flowing at the level of the first terrace.

Pedestrian Bridge across Gauja River

Continuing to walk along the wintery trail, after a few meters a view of a Pedestrian bridge opens up.

The bridge, built in 1979, offers a fabulous view of the Devil's Cliffs and the Gauja River.

Crossing the Pedestrian bridge across Gauja River, it is possible to explore the other bank of the river. 

Fischer Cross - Country Ski Centre

Going up the road, it is possible to reach the Fischer Cross-Country Ski Centre, which, even in changing weather conditions, is able to maintain snow cover and provide a longer time period of opportunity to cross-country ski.

Not far from the Fischer Ski Centre, going to the Gauja River direction, it is possible to reach the Emperor's View. 

Emperors' View

One of the most iconic sights that reveals the view of the remarkable bends of the Gauja River is the - Emperor's View.

Here you can see a wide panorama view and see both Turaida Castle and Bosbeligh and Luge track "Sigulda".

There is a romantics seating area for a small rest break. From the Emperor's View there a many trails that lead to the bank of the Gauja River

Bobsleigh and Luge track "Sigulda"

This artificial ice track was the bobsleigh track in the Baltics.

Bobsleigh and Luge track "Sigulda"  is one of the 18 such buildings in the world.

Compared to other tracks, this one is unique in that it is available for sightseeing purposes and available for rides as a tourist attraction.

Every year different stages of international competitions take place on the track. 

Sigulda can be proud of taking first place in the world in terms of the number of Winter Olympic medals per resident. 

Station Square

The circular route ends in the Sigulda Station Square!

You can also download the map of the route here!


Enjoy the winter peace and quiet on the forest trail! 



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