• Estētiskās medicīnas centrs “Skin Profile” , Pils iela 13, Sigulda
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Opening hours:

M. 08.00 – 20.00

T. 08.00 – 20.00

W. 08.00 – 20.00

Th. 08.00 – 20.00

F. 08.00 – 20.00

Sa. 08.00 – 20.00

Su. 08.00 – 20.00


‘Skin Profile’ is a company that offers clients aesthetic cosmetology services for the face and body, specialist counseling, treatment, and care. Professional cosmetology and medical devices address aesthetic skin deficiencies such as anti-aging (wrinkle reduction) in various areas, vascular and capillary facial problems, pigmentation, moisture restoration, scar and stretch correction, acne, laser epilation, aesthetic beauty injections, a wide range of body procedures (vacarmassage, lymphodrainage, electroporation, radiofrequency, electrolipolysis, etc.), health vein infusions.

” Skin Profile ” will help you achieve maximum results for body and facial skin health and radiation. ” Skin Profile ‘is staffed by certified specialists, medical practitioners, and doctors.

‘Skin Profile’ can be proud to offer cosmetological and medical services for younger generations to residents of Sigulda and surrounding municipalities with the most modern technology.

Skin Profile aims to be one of the leading companies in cosmetology and dermatology in Sigulda, delving into each customer’s needs individually and addressing them.

The office uses the latest Overline equipment, which has gained widespread popularity in the world, and in cooperation with the support of European funds, a number of projects for the purchase of equipment and equipment were carried out under the Leader project.

Projekts Nr. 20-04-AL32-A019.2101-000008, iegādājoties divas inovatīvas, profesionālas Overline iekārtas daudzveidīgu sejas un ķermeņa procedūru veikšanai. 

Projekts Nr. 21-04-AL32-A019.2101-000012, iegādājoties Overline elite HD Matrixil 808 un 1064 nm lāzeriekārtu liekā apmatojuma likvidēšanai. 

Projekts Nr.22-04-AL32-A019.2101-000006 , iegādājoties kabineta aprīkojumu, IPL intensīvi pulsējošās gaismas iekārtu un PRF injekciju centrifūgu.

Projekts Nr.23-04-AL32-A019.2101-000004 , iegādājoties Alma Harmony Pro lāzerplatformu, kura aprīkojumā ir Clear Lift un NDYag lāzers, risinot asinvadu saslimšanas problēmas, cherry angiomu likvidēšanu, asins kapilāru likvidēšanu uz sejas un ķermeņa,  tetovējumu likvidēšanu un intensīvu proedūru sejas liftinga atgūšanai, pretnovecošanās seku mazināšanai. 

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