Flea's cave is formed in Gauja grey-brown sandstone. The cave is a complex network of passages and deadlocks in the length of 55m with 14 various size pillars. In the depth of the cave, there is a spring, but the cave itself is dry.

The cave was discovered and unleashed from a sand dune in 1992, a new species of puffball has been found here. The name cave has obtained from the fleas of raccoon dogs who lived in the cave, and the cave discoverers caught them afterward, although in ancient times when badgers lived there, it was called the Badgers’ cave. The cave belongs to the protected geological monument “Cīruļu rock and Flea cave”.

Worth knowing! This cave can be reached by going over the swampy meadow and going along the forest path, so it is recommended to choose suitable shoes and clothes.

Please, remember that all caves are located in the territory of the Gauja National Park, and please respect the ancient geological nature monuments that keep the history of land formation!

cave Sightseeing