• Atrodas Siguldā netālu no Sateseles pilskalna, Vējupītes gravas kreisā krasta augstajās klintīs
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A narrow gap in a red sandstone wall. The cave is 6.3 m/20 ft, deep, 2.3 m/7ft wide, and 6.4 m/20 ft high. Legend has it that a farmer named Peter was hiding in this cave during the Swedish War.

The steep valley walls and deep ravines with their forested creek areas add to the charm and mountainous feel of the Gauja valley. The Vējupīte valley cuts the left bank of the Gauja uncovering impressive bedrock reveals, small waterfalls, and a cave. On the left side of the Vējupīte River is a hidden cave named Peter’s cave.

It is a narrow, high crack formed in the red sandstone high above the water level. You might almost call it a cross between a small gorge and a cave. The cave is 6.3 m/20 ft, deep, 2.3 m/7ft wide, and 6.4 m/20 ft high. In the back wall of the cave, there is a large 2m/6ft crack opening which is 5 m/1.5ft wide. A booklet from 1924 predicted a landslide would bury this cave leaving just an insignificant dent. Thankfully this prediction has not yet come true and you have the opportunity to view this cave today.

There are several stories related to this cave. One which explains the origins of its current name says that during the invasion of the Swedish army, a peasant named Peter was said to have hidden here in order to avoid being drafted. Another story claims the owner of a Grotu homestead came here to hide after stealing a loaf of bread from the rectory and disappeared in a puff of magic. There are also reports that a priest secluded himself here from the dangers of war and christened children in the cave.

Please, remember that all caves are located in the territory of the Gauja National Park, and please respect the ancient geological nature monuments that keep the history of land formation! Please remember that these caves are part of our natural history; be respectful and do not write or mark on them. Also, a word of caution if visiting during the winter season as bats often choose this cave as their winter hideout!

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