• Stāvlaukums pie Velnalas(1 km no viesu nama "Brūveri"), Sigulda, Siguldas pilsēta, LV-2150
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Piķene cliff is about 1km long and 70-80m high on the right bank of the Gauja river, with nearby small gorges. Walking along the route, you can see several sandstone outcrops and a small waterfall. In some places, especially during the leafless period, from the top of the Piķene cliff, you can see the river Gauja old valley.

Piķene Cliff is covered in forests of slopes, which are protected habitats. Pre-dominated by oaks, linden trees, maples, and hazel-trees. A suitable place to watch ferns, flowers, moss, lichen, and mushrooms. Along the bank of the primeval valley of the River Gauja, there are many large decayed trees (home to larvae, door snails, mushrooms, and insects), deadwood.

It is the home of various species of woodpeckers leaving traces (besides the bird sounds and songs that are heard) of their “artworks” of the trunks of trees, sulfur shelves. Many types of moss, including squirrel-trail moss. or watching plants – fern, flowering plant, moss, lichen, and mushrooms. Along the Gauja old valley bank, there are many big size decaying trees (environment of bug grub, spindle snail, mushrooms, and insects), runts.

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