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Guest house “Rīti” (which means “mornings”) is located in the Allaži county of the Sigulda region, 7 km from the beautiful town of Sigulda. A hidden beauty surrounded by the serenity of woods and meadows. The area has a pond with a sandy spot. Prices may vary depending on holidays (New Year, Midsummer, etc.)

A small obstacle track has been made available in the nearby woods and has already become popular among both adults and kids. There is a small playground nearby. The forest is a great place for a walk, it will treat you with blueberries, lingonberries and mushrooms and, of course, a fresh coniferous air cure. The territory of “Rīti” is spacious, landscaped and beautiful. The house is perfectly set, clean and comfortable. The owners thought out all the details to create a special comfort here. We offer three bedrooms that can accommodate 8 people, and a portable baby crib. The living room is a studio type combined with the kitchen. The latter has the necessary utensils (glasses, cutlery, plates, mugs, frying pans, pots, etc.), a stove, a coffee machine, a kettle. Bathroom with shower (you don’t need to worry about the bathroom accessories, they are all available here). Next to the house there is a terrace for outdoor recreation with a grill and soup kettle. You can use a tank tub under the terrace and watch the sunset or indulge in tranquillity of nature. Since the house is located at a remote location in the woods, its territory is guarded by a dog, which is not very friendly towards other dogs, but loves guests.

nakšņošana Guest house