In a quiet forest range near Turaida, Sigulda and the ancient valley of Gauja river, in the territory of Gauja National park is a home for a natural relaxation and celebrations guesthouse “Četri gadalaiki".

Guesthouse service staff will help you to celebrate beautifully and carefree both celebrations and anniversaries, from children’s feet to old age! Professional table layout, hospitable service.

The guesthouse is a large and spacious log building, at the same time the banquet hall can accommodate up to 50 persons, on the 2nd floor providing night stay up to 35 sites in the winter season and an unlimited amount of beddings during the summer season.

The house has two floors and a comfortable surrounding area with a wooden gazebo shed and a terrace. On the first floor are a spacious lounge, well-equipped kitchen, wood-fired sauna, and spa lounge with a hot tub. On the second floor is a spacious lounge with multipurpose use, with 4 separate bedrooms.

Guest house nakšņošana