Opening hours:

Reservation in advance is required.


Price for guided off-route hiking tour – starting from 15 EUR/h.

„Eco Holidays International” offers to enjoy unique and challenging off-route hiking in Gauja National Park, in the area of Sigulda and Ligatne.

An experienced guide will help you to explore the hidden places of the forest – small cliffy river valleys, animal paths and burrows, caves and clifftops with breathtaking views and many other secrets of wilderness which we can only entrust the true nature lovers.

There is also the possibility to learn more about nature and living creatures in Gauja National Park.

There are four level hiking routes:

Level A: 2 to 6 hours long, difficulty level – easy to moderate. This hike partially leads along the common tourist trails and it is suitable for almost everyone, especially families with children and pupils from the youngest classes and others who would like to enjoy the charm of the wilderness without special physical challenges.

Level B: 2 to 6 hours long, difficulty level – moderate to strenuous. This hike mostly leads through the forest and it includes overcoming different obstacles – river crossing, climbing up the steep slopes, etc. These hikes are suitable for those who like challenges and dynamic recreation. Children from age 4 can also take part in these hikes but only with the presence of one parent at least and parents should consider carefully the physical and emotional readiness of the child for such a hike.

Level C: 2 to 6 hours long, difficulty level – strenuous. These hikes include overcoming moderate and high difficulty level obstacles – climbing up the very steep slopes using appropriate equipment, if necessary, river crossing in complex places, etc. This hike will be a true delight for adrenaline lovers.

Level C+: Night hiking, difficulty level – strenuous. These hikes lead along the level B and some C routes. It is also possible to book a night hike by staying overnight in a tent in the forest or on the island of the river Gauja. The night hikes are not suitable for children.

At the end of each hike, there is the possibility to have a delicious lunch, hot drink, and freshly baked apple strudels at the fireplace (available on request).

There is also an offer to take advantage of more than one great activity:

  • warming by the fire at the end of the tour;
  • rest in hammocks;
  • a horse cart or horseback riding;
  • fishing in the river Gauja or in the old distributary*.

Location: The old valley of river Gauja in the area of Sigulda and Ligatne.