The hunting castle is built in the early 20th century, with its interesting high roof resembling a cone.

The hunting castle is located in a beautiful and picturesque place of nature, in a chunky forest fold. The castle has maintained its interesting architecture through the times.

The hunting palace was built in 1914. Baron von Zonberhard, director of the Baltic oil Base, gave it to his daughter and three sons. The family drove to hunting Castle for a rests.

Inside the house used to be a parquet floor, crystal-glass doors, mirrored walls, and beautiful fireplaces. Each room was specially decorated and different from the others.

During World War I, all the baron’s sons fell in battles. In turn, her daughter sold the castle to a tree dealer, who later resold the house again. In 1927, the building was bought by the teachers’ slimokase and a sanatorium was set up. At the hunting Palace, the sanatorium was redecorated twice more. The castle currently owned by the municipality has been leased to a private businessman.

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