Opening hours:

Mon. 10.00-20.00

Tu. 10.00-20.00

We. 10.00-20.00

Thu. 10.00-20.00

Fri. 10.00-20.00

Sat. 10.00-20.00

Sun. 10.00-20.00


kids from 3 till 6 years 7.00 EUR;

from 6 till 9 years 10.00 EUR;

from 10 till 18 years 14.00 EUR;

adults 18.00 EUR;

Chair lift price starting from 0.50 EUR;

Discounts for families starting from 10%


The largest open air adventure park in the Baltic states will entertain the entire family! Here you will find an obstacle course in the trees, a trampoline park, huge swings, a catapult and other attractions. There is a toboggan track in the park, which is situated on one of the steepest slopes in Latvia.

Tarzāns Obstacle Park consists of 11 tracks and more than 140 different obstacles placed in trees up to 20 meters above the ground. The location of park in the slope of the Gauja Valley will allow enjoying magnificent scenery.

It will be interesting for both children and adults, since the tracks are tailored to different interest.