6,5 Km
Level of difficulty: Easy
Difference in height: 35m
  • 1,5h
  • Mālpils, Strēlnieku iela 16 (takas viduspunkts ar kartes stendu)
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Along the left bank of the Mergupe River in Mālpils, you can follow a walking trail. The trail can be walked from any suitable starting location, either from the rest spot at Skulme Oak, from the Sun Gate Hill (Saules vārti) or from the trail mid-point at Mālpils Cemetery. The trail passes sights such as Otto Skulme’s Oak, Friendship Stone, Mālpils medieval settlement mound, Mālpils and Patriotic War Brethren cemeteries, Skulme Family Site.

Road surface: mostly forest paths, wooden stairs, wooden bridges, dirt road in places.

Difficulty: easy. Steeper slopes and stairs are available in certain sections.

Marking: the route is not marked in nature, but it is easy to follow by following the wooden signs with the inscription “Mālpils nature trail”, as well as informational signs with informative descriptions. A river flows along the entire road.

Good to know: rest benches, tables, picnic areas are available along the route. When going out into nature, remember – what you bring, take it away and do not leave garbage on the nature route. In rainy and wet weather, footbridges and stairs can be very slippery!

Getting to the nature trail: by car or by public transport (bus).

In addition: after the walk, you can also see Mālpils manor and its park, Mālpils Evangelical Lutheran Church, etc.

Sightseeing objects:

Otto Skulme’s Oak

The circumference of the tree is about 6 m.

Skulme Family Site

The nature trail offers a picturesque view.

Mergupe River

Mergupe is the left confluence of the Great Jugla in Amata, Sigulda, Mālpils and Ogre counties.

Mālpils medieval settlement mound

Today, there is an open-air stage on the mound and a nice rest area at its foot.

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