10 Km
Level of difficulty: Medium
  • 2-3h
  • Ausekļa iela 6, Sigulda

Sigulda is a place where the nature lies in close interaction with what has been created by men. Only 2-3 km off the central square of railway station, there is the deep ravine of the River Vējupīte and old valley of the River Gauja, where there are interesting natural objects and relatively unchanged nature. Suitable for those not afraid of climbing up and down the steep slopes of the ravine.

Best time to go April–October. Especially recommended during the blooming of bird- cherry trees, the colourful autumn, and sunny winter days with a few snow which doesn’t prevent walking on the paths and Vējupīte Ravine). Early spring is also suitable, since the leafage of trees and bushes does not cover the view over Vējupīte Ravine and the primeval valley of Gauja.

Worth knowing! Suitable trekking footwear and a local map is needed. The wooden stairs may be damaged at some places! Respect the information signs placed in objects. Walking outdoors is at one’s own risk.

Sightseeing objects

Sigulda County Tourism Information Centre
Paradise hill – Painters’ hill
Castle of Livonian order in Sigulda
The New Castle of Sigulda
The Raven’s ravine and cave
Peter’s cave
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