24 Km
Level of difficulty: Medium
  • 8-10h

Sigulda - Līgatne route is in the heart of Gauja National Park, part of cross-border hiking route "The Forest Trail".

After passing through Sigulda, the Forest Trail follows the River Vējupīte to Mound Paradīzes, where a steep staircase leads down into the ancient valley of Gauja River and the ravine of River Vējupīte. It continues to wind down smaller paths through meadows, crossing small rivers whose banks reveal sandstone outcrops. The last six kilometers of this section follow a smaller path down Līgatne Nature Trails. As it draws closer to Līgatne, the Forest Trail moves up the hills of Gauja valley, before descending back down into the deep ravine of Līgatne River, where the village of the former Līgatne Paper Mill is located.

Sightseeing objects

Station square and Laima clock
Sigulda Evangelical Lutheran church
Ravine Vējupīte
The Raven’s ravine and cave
Castle of Livonian order in Sigulda
The New Castle of Sigulda
Paradise hill – Painters’ hill
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